Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

I've always wanted to record my conversations with my cousin, Dayana Syafi (4 yo) -- the youngest in our family.. but never had the chance to. She talks too much, she even talks in her sleep. -_-"

I met her last weekend and she suddenly asked me to play with her. So I agreed.
Syafi: Kakak Mimi, jom main 'One, Two, Juice'.
I : Okay, tapi selalu Syafi main macamana?
Syafi: Hm, ada macam ini (hand gesture of a gun),
macam ini, (hand gesture of water--open hand, fingers connected),
macam ini, (hand gesture of a bird--connecting tips of all fingers to each other) dengan lagi satu.... macam ni (Okay, at 1st she looks unsure about the other hand gesture, so I guess she simply created a new one. She connects (only) the tips of her thumb, index and middle fingers..and started to move them like when you're singing Twinkle-twinkle Little Star).
I : Okay, yang last sekali tu apa, Syafi?
Syafi: (Confidently) Oh, itu ulat. Ulat gonggok.
I : Okkayy -_-"

And we started the game, and she won the first round. (Kakak Mimi - Bird: Syafi - Gun). And she shouted "Yeay Syafi menang!".
The second round, it was a draw, both of us chose Gun. She goes "Alamak, sama lah".
But in the third round, she declares herself the winner when she's not. (Kakak Mimi - Gun: Syafi - Bird). My sister (Along) who's watching us playing started to explain to her that she's not supposed to win because Gun shoots Bird -- Gun defeats the Bird. So she said, "Ok. Ala, Kakak Mimi menang"
4th round. (Kakak Mimi - Bird: Syafi - Water). And I said "Yeay Kak Mimi menang!"
Syafi : Kenapa Kakak Mimi menang pulak?
Along : Sebab, Kakak Mimi Bird, Syafi Water. Bird minum air, jadi Bird menang lah!
Syafi : Tak boleh. Kakak Mimi kalah jugak.
Us : Eh kenapa macam tu?
Syafi : Sebab Syafi dah letak racun dalam air tu. Bird tu mati lah lepas minum air.

Heh. Innocent and carefree.

Syafi, can you not grow up? :)
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr