Friday, July 4, 2008


Lets think about a classic musical movie.. Probably these are the ones that comes to mind;
Grease, The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady etc.
But my favourite is Annie.

I purposedly embeded this video since it's with the lyrics. :) Annie is a movie about tomorrow. And very inspiring indeed.

Some people opt for non-musical movies. But I'd say I prefer musicals (which may be the reason why I love most of P.Ramlee's movies..and Hindustan too. He he). I'm happy that the musical film began to rise in pupularity once more, with great piece of works such as Enchanted, High School Musical, Sweeny Todd (just to name a few).
And I was so happy that I had had the chance to watch a musical theatre performance at KLPac some time last year. Aladdin is with strong humor elements, I bet you'll laugh all the way, and of course, they used the all-time-favourite songs by the Beatles. I hope there'll be more and more musicals, be it theatre or movies, to come.
I love musicals!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


"But who am I to dream?
Dreams are for fools, they'll let you down"

P/s: I thought I was doing well but I just want to cry now
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr