Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adopting a child who's trapped in a cat's body

Hello everyone. I'm Rusty :)

According to Den, Rusty is a domestic long hair (a mixed breed). I never cared much about cat breeds whatsoever but now I'm learning. He he. I promised a cat for Den's birthday so I decided to adopt Rusty. I guess I made him happy. :D Yeay to that. The mother has a bushy tail and I think that it's a Siamese. However, the characteristic of a Siamese cat is inherited by Rusty's other sibling named Blacky. So bushy and furry and cute! 0_O. But this one is not ours.

Anyhow, we're taking turns to take care of Rusty, however the rightful owner is still Den although he says that it's OUR cat. But I gave the cat to him so technically it's his, right? Okay tak penting. Rusty is really lucky, it has a father now. Literally. One who feeds him/her (not really sure about the sex yet. But I say she's a girl. Tee Hee.), buys her toy, sleeps with her, cleans up her poop, soon going to buy her a plush or blanket. Haih. Kecik-kecik lagi sudah spoilt. -_-

The major problem now is that Rusty doesn't want to stay in her cage! She'll run amok, keeps hitting her head on the bars, and the other day Den found her head almost stuck between the bars, a result of her failed attempt to escape. Kepala awak tak muat lah sayang. Pity her. Any suggestions? But I told Den to just let her stay in the cage because sooner or later she's supposed to get used to it. And it's not that we're gonna leave her in the cage all the time. Daddy needs to go to work. And his classes too. Masalah keluarga.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ting ting ting.

Been thinking of doorgifts for the E thing (walaupun tak ada tarikh pun lagi).

Something hand made, perhaps? :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Moon = Cinta Baru? How distorted.

Hello people.
I have to admit that I suck at giving titles to my posts. Sometimes they are not related at all. But who cares. :P Anyway, I'm aware that the Twilight Saga is being translated to Malay but I didn't know that New Moon becomes Cinta Baru. It doesn't suit the description of the story as a whole, and it is not even a direct translation! Ha ha. Fear not, this post is not about Twilight, or Eclipse which I've recently watched.

But if you want to talk about cinta baru, I found a new love. It's addictive. And I might consider this as a weekend hobby, or perhaps, to apply for a post as an arts and crafts teacher which I think will be fun. :) I'm still new at this, and I hope that I can get the actual tools needed so that the process will be less tedious and definitely more enjoyable.

It's called paper quilling, and I consider Miyyah@Kertas as my sifu. As for now, I'm working on a mini project for Den's birthday next week. It's like a ritual that I'll give something 'handmade' for his birthday. (been doing that since 2007 I guess :D) Will let you know when I'm done, but I'll not upload the end product though. Takut nanti ada yang nk termuntah hijau. Ha ha. If happens that I have a new project and god willing I have the time to get it done anytime soon, I'll let you guys know!

Until then. Be Happy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I think...

...that vending machines selling sanitary pads should exist! (here in the faculty)

Because I forgot to restock. banyak makan semut punya pasal


Feel like shooting someone, or smack one's face real hard.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A farewell.

This is for you, Dr.Ayu.

Sorry that you're leaving

I know that I shouldn't be grieving

Do come home once in a while

So I can welcome you with a smile

Even though I feel sad, I would say

I just know that you're gonna be okay

I'll be there whenever you call

Just keep your faith and stand tall!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pelanduk dua serupa

Hello people! :)

Just a short one. I'm sorry for the long silence. I hope that you miss me. :P

I once heard that in this world, you'll meet different people with the same face (at least 7 of them). Well, I guess (according to others), I've met a few. He he.

But today, as I was stalking ppl on fb (that's how Den puts it), I came across this.

To have people with the same name would not be that surprising, right? But this, is kinda scary. He he he. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, congratulations to the recently married couple, who both share the same name as Den and I. Nak bunting macam ini juga! XD

P.S: To the owner of this picture, I'm sorry I forgot where this was taken from. I was so excited seeing this, snapped the pic and went for lunch and my dad deleted the browsing history. -_-"
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr