Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello people.

Iklan sekejap.

I have a bad news. Rusty is missing. T_T. Since last Sunday.
Den and his family paid us a visit. Its Raya, kan. When he got back he noticed that Rusty is not in her cage, not in the house, not around the house. In short, she's nowhere to be seen. :(

So sad. Den is very depressed already. I don't know what to do. I ran out of soothing/comforting words. I'm such a bad girlfriend. T_T. He went and asked around the neighborhood, distributed flyers, went to the pet shop nearby just to check if anyone tries to sell her (NOOOOO). He did whatever he could.

If she got ran over by a car, we might have seen her dead body. Even though that'll definitely be the worst thing to happen, at least we're done with uncertainties. Of not knowing whether she's still alive, or is it true that someone kidnapped her, or is she being 'rescued' by someone who thinks that she is abandoned (but don't give me that sh*t lah, she's pretty, clean and all. Doesn't make sense if they think that she is a stray cat) ..and the list goes on.

I went to the Vet in campus, gave a flyer to the staff at the counter asking her to get it pasted in the lobby. I was trying hard to hold back tears while talking to that person. I just hope that she'll be back anytime soon. The last time I get to kiss her was last Friday and I noticed how fast she has grown since I gave her to Den. :( Oh so saaaad.

We pray for your safety wherever you are. We hope that you have eaten and that you're not sick. We hope that this sorrow will end, soon.

Come home Sayang. Please come home. We miss you. T_T

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I misunderstood

Dear Diary,

There's a word that may describe what I'm feeling right now. It's

Classes today were from 8: to 10:, 10: to 12: and finally 15: to 17:.
My students asked me to join them for iftar. And I said yes. But the offer was followed by-- "You have to bring your own food lah Miss. Kitorg sediakan venue je." :P

I can barely stand, and I didn't want to force myself to walk alone to get food. Luckily there's a mini Bazaar at the parking lot opposite the faculty. So I decided to buy something there. Half way back to the faculty, I noticed that I didn't buy my drinks yet. Sigh. So I headed there, again. On my way back, unfortunately, I dropped one of the plastic bags I was carrying. It was the one with the drink in it! That happened just before I crossed the road. A man walking nearby was looking at me when it happened. And he had this pity-that girl look on his face. Then he smiled, impliedly saying, "Tak apa lah, tak ada rezeki' I reckon.

I still want to buy drinks. So I walked to the shops, hoping to get a large bottle of Twister so that later, I boleh minum sampai puas. And I did! Then I walked again, allowing myself a little smile of satisfaction. A man walking the opposite direction smiled at me. And I thought 'Oh maybe he smiled because he thought that I was smiling to him when I was smiling to myself just now'. And I walked across a few shops. Another man was smiling at me. And it felt weird. What is it with these people? Maybe they're just being nice. After all, Senyum tu kan sedekah.

Approaching the small gate to enter the faculty area, I suddenly noticed that there was a twig on my kain. And I've been carrying it with me since I don't know when. Now that explained the 'smiles' that I received. -_-" I brushed it off, and walked again. That's basically the story of the day.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Study Yang Yok.

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