Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello people.

I'm sorry for the long hiatus. And I don't know if I still know how to write! -_-"
A lot of things has happened, some which I've never expected. We can plan but HE is a much better planner. Kun Fayakun. Nonetheless at the end of the day after the thunder and storms there's always a rainbow. Perhaps it's just His way of testing us, reminding us that He should not be remembered only when everything turns upside down. Astaghfirullah.

On a lighter note, I kinda have a good news. But of course, it is not to be disclosed here (yet) until everything is confirmed. :)

Will write more soon, I promise. (But I never know how soon is soon. Tqvm. Hehehe)

P.S 3211 almost there

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

I've always wanted to record my conversations with my cousin, Dayana Syafi (4 yo) -- the youngest in our family.. but never had the chance to. She talks too much, she even talks in her sleep. -_-"

I met her last weekend and she suddenly asked me to play with her. So I agreed.
Syafi: Kakak Mimi, jom main 'One, Two, Juice'.
I : Okay, tapi selalu Syafi main macamana?
Syafi: Hm, ada macam ini (hand gesture of a gun),
macam ini, (hand gesture of water--open hand, fingers connected),
macam ini, (hand gesture of a bird--connecting tips of all fingers to each other) dengan lagi satu.... macam ni (Okay, at 1st she looks unsure about the other hand gesture, so I guess she simply created a new one. She connects (only) the tips of her thumb, index and middle fingers..and started to move them like when you're singing Twinkle-twinkle Little Star).
I : Okay, yang last sekali tu apa, Syafi?
Syafi: (Confidently) Oh, itu ulat. Ulat gonggok.
I : Okkayy -_-"

And we started the game, and she won the first round. (Kakak Mimi - Bird: Syafi - Gun). And she shouted "Yeay Syafi menang!".
The second round, it was a draw, both of us chose Gun. She goes "Alamak, sama lah".
But in the third round, she declares herself the winner when she's not. (Kakak Mimi - Gun: Syafi - Bird). My sister (Along) who's watching us playing started to explain to her that she's not supposed to win because Gun shoots Bird -- Gun defeats the Bird. So she said, "Ok. Ala, Kakak Mimi menang"
4th round. (Kakak Mimi - Bird: Syafi - Water). And I said "Yeay Kak Mimi menang!"
Syafi : Kenapa Kakak Mimi menang pulak?
Along : Sebab, Kakak Mimi Bird, Syafi Water. Bird minum air, jadi Bird menang lah!
Syafi : Tak boleh. Kakak Mimi kalah jugak.
Us : Eh kenapa macam tu?
Syafi : Sebab Syafi dah letak racun dalam air tu. Bird tu mati lah lepas minum air.

Heh. Innocent and carefree.

Syafi, can you not grow up? :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are you on diet?

That was the question asked by a girl (whom I haven't met for quite some time) when I bumped into her this evening. And I said NO. I'm never on diet. I eat a lot and I have a big stomach. And I never say no to food. :P

So we talked and again she asked if I'm taking any supplement or health food. Or do I exercise. Or eat 'selectively'. And I just laughed because I did none of those. I'm a lazy bump when it comes to exercising. I don't like to jog because I don't feel comfortable running in public. But she insisted to know (and at that point of time I already feel a bit annoyed). It's not like I'm kurus kering. Haih. -_-"

So I said to her, my only healthy tips is 10000 steps a day. So far I think that it's a good way of exercising without you putting too much effort. It's a natural way of exercising (sometimes, without you realizing). Err, and this has nothing to do with MOH's campaign. This is what I have been practicing for years already. And so far it works. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

What am I without you?

It's been more than a week since she's gone. But life has to go on.

Anyways, I just want to share with you my fav Raya2010 pic.

*Spot the hidden face*

I think that most Dads are funny. Well, maybe not all. But I bet you have at least one story of your Dad being funny, right? :)

A lot of people said I look a lot like my Dad. Mama said I'm Dad's best friend. That, I couldn't agree more. Ha ha. But she also said that it's not just about the facial resemblance. Everything comes in packages. And she started saying that I'm stubborn...just like him. Oh well. Bapa borek anak rintik :P And oh, sometimes he's also my partner in crime. :D

I love you Ayah. So much.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello people.

Iklan sekejap.

I have a bad news. Rusty is missing. T_T. Since last Sunday.
Den and his family paid us a visit. Its Raya, kan. When he got back he noticed that Rusty is not in her cage, not in the house, not around the house. In short, she's nowhere to be seen. :(

So sad. Den is very depressed already. I don't know what to do. I ran out of soothing/comforting words. I'm such a bad girlfriend. T_T. He went and asked around the neighborhood, distributed flyers, went to the pet shop nearby just to check if anyone tries to sell her (NOOOOO). He did whatever he could.

If she got ran over by a car, we might have seen her dead body. Even though that'll definitely be the worst thing to happen, at least we're done with uncertainties. Of not knowing whether she's still alive, or is it true that someone kidnapped her, or is she being 'rescued' by someone who thinks that she is abandoned (but don't give me that sh*t lah, she's pretty, clean and all. Doesn't make sense if they think that she is a stray cat) ..and the list goes on.

I went to the Vet in campus, gave a flyer to the staff at the counter asking her to get it pasted in the lobby. I was trying hard to hold back tears while talking to that person. I just hope that she'll be back anytime soon. The last time I get to kiss her was last Friday and I noticed how fast she has grown since I gave her to Den. :( Oh so saaaad.

We pray for your safety wherever you are. We hope that you have eaten and that you're not sick. We hope that this sorrow will end, soon.

Come home Sayang. Please come home. We miss you. T_T

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I misunderstood

Dear Diary,

There's a word that may describe what I'm feeling right now. It's

Classes today were from 8: to 10:, 10: to 12: and finally 15: to 17:.
My students asked me to join them for iftar. And I said yes. But the offer was followed by-- "You have to bring your own food lah Miss. Kitorg sediakan venue je." :P

I can barely stand, and I didn't want to force myself to walk alone to get food. Luckily there's a mini Bazaar at the parking lot opposite the faculty. So I decided to buy something there. Half way back to the faculty, I noticed that I didn't buy my drinks yet. Sigh. So I headed there, again. On my way back, unfortunately, I dropped one of the plastic bags I was carrying. It was the one with the drink in it! That happened just before I crossed the road. A man walking nearby was looking at me when it happened. And he had this pity-that girl look on his face. Then he smiled, impliedly saying, "Tak apa lah, tak ada rezeki' I reckon.

I still want to buy drinks. So I walked to the shops, hoping to get a large bottle of Twister so that later, I boleh minum sampai puas. And I did! Then I walked again, allowing myself a little smile of satisfaction. A man walking the opposite direction smiled at me. And I thought 'Oh maybe he smiled because he thought that I was smiling to him when I was smiling to myself just now'. And I walked across a few shops. Another man was smiling at me. And it felt weird. What is it with these people? Maybe they're just being nice. After all, Senyum tu kan sedekah.

Approaching the small gate to enter the faculty area, I suddenly noticed that there was a twig on my kain. And I've been carrying it with me since I don't know when. Now that explained the 'smiles' that I received. -_-" I brushed it off, and walked again. That's basically the story of the day.

P.S Something went wrong. I actually clicked the 'save now' button but this post was published.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Study Yang Yok.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Faint! x_x

I just love how the first season of Glee ended.
It was just perfect, with the two characters I love the most, singing together.

Today, the students presented their Dialogues.
One of the performances was about an audition for a singing competition.
A man clad in leather (tak pun sbnrnya..he he), accessorized with necklace and wristbands -- complete rock image, entered the audition room.
When asked to sing a song, he took his guitar, but ended up singing
Somewhere over the rainbow.

I didn't expect him to sing THAT song.
And he didn't ruin the song. Not even a bit.
*sheepish smile*

Monday, August 16, 2010

One pathetic soul

I'm happy but not that happy.
Roadtax costs me RM30.
Can I not think about the part where I need to pay for the insurance?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of men and compliments

Like any other guy, Den seldom gives compliments (except when he was 'forced' to do so, of course). He picked me up the other day for lunch. And as soon as I entered the car he was like, "Oh, I think you're fat." I thought that that was just it, when he continued "See, you even have double chins now." Now that, according to him, should be taken as a compliment. I'm confused. O_o

P.S. His lines should be followed by "You're not fat. You're just curvy". That's more like it. :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

I wonder why

...some people like to publicize VERY sensitive personal issues. I personally think that it's disrespectful to let the whole wide world to know about things which are meant to be personal, especially those involving their family, parents, or significant other. Perkara yang baik tak apa, yang buruk, jangan lah, please? Tak baik.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adopting a child who's trapped in a cat's body

Hello everyone. I'm Rusty :)

According to Den, Rusty is a domestic long hair (a mixed breed). I never cared much about cat breeds whatsoever but now I'm learning. He he. I promised a cat for Den's birthday so I decided to adopt Rusty. I guess I made him happy. :D Yeay to that. The mother has a bushy tail and I think that it's a Siamese. However, the characteristic of a Siamese cat is inherited by Rusty's other sibling named Blacky. So bushy and furry and cute! 0_O. But this one is not ours.

Anyhow, we're taking turns to take care of Rusty, however the rightful owner is still Den although he says that it's OUR cat. But I gave the cat to him so technically it's his, right? Okay tak penting. Rusty is really lucky, it has a father now. Literally. One who feeds him/her (not really sure about the sex yet. But I say she's a girl. Tee Hee.), buys her toy, sleeps with her, cleans up her poop, soon going to buy her a plush or blanket. Haih. Kecik-kecik lagi sudah spoilt. -_-

The major problem now is that Rusty doesn't want to stay in her cage! She'll run amok, keeps hitting her head on the bars, and the other day Den found her head almost stuck between the bars, a result of her failed attempt to escape. Kepala awak tak muat lah sayang. Pity her. Any suggestions? But I told Den to just let her stay in the cage because sooner or later she's supposed to get used to it. And it's not that we're gonna leave her in the cage all the time. Daddy needs to go to work. And his classes too. Masalah keluarga.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ting ting ting.

Been thinking of doorgifts for the E thing (walaupun tak ada tarikh pun lagi).

Something hand made, perhaps? :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Moon = Cinta Baru? How distorted.

Hello people.
I have to admit that I suck at giving titles to my posts. Sometimes they are not related at all. But who cares. :P Anyway, I'm aware that the Twilight Saga is being translated to Malay but I didn't know that New Moon becomes Cinta Baru. It doesn't suit the description of the story as a whole, and it is not even a direct translation! Ha ha. Fear not, this post is not about Twilight, or Eclipse which I've recently watched.

But if you want to talk about cinta baru, I found a new love. It's addictive. And I might consider this as a weekend hobby, or perhaps, to apply for a post as an arts and crafts teacher which I think will be fun. :) I'm still new at this, and I hope that I can get the actual tools needed so that the process will be less tedious and definitely more enjoyable.

It's called paper quilling, and I consider Miyyah@Kertas as my sifu. As for now, I'm working on a mini project for Den's birthday next week. It's like a ritual that I'll give something 'handmade' for his birthday. (been doing that since 2007 I guess :D) Will let you know when I'm done, but I'll not upload the end product though. Takut nanti ada yang nk termuntah hijau. Ha ha. If happens that I have a new project and god willing I have the time to get it done anytime soon, I'll let you guys know!

Until then. Be Happy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I think...

...that vending machines selling sanitary pads should exist! (here in the faculty)

Because I forgot to restock. banyak makan semut punya pasal


Feel like shooting someone, or smack one's face real hard.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A farewell.

This is for you, Dr.Ayu.

Sorry that you're leaving

I know that I shouldn't be grieving

Do come home once in a while

So I can welcome you with a smile

Even though I feel sad, I would say

I just know that you're gonna be okay

I'll be there whenever you call

Just keep your faith and stand tall!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pelanduk dua serupa

Hello people! :)

Just a short one. I'm sorry for the long silence. I hope that you miss me. :P

I once heard that in this world, you'll meet different people with the same face (at least 7 of them). Well, I guess (according to others), I've met a few. He he.

But today, as I was stalking ppl on fb (that's how Den puts it), I came across this.

To have people with the same name would not be that surprising, right? But this, is kinda scary. He he he. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, congratulations to the recently married couple, who both share the same name as Den and I. Nak bunting macam ini juga! XD

P.S: To the owner of this picture, I'm sorry I forgot where this was taken from. I was so excited seeing this, snapped the pic and went for lunch and my dad deleted the browsing history. -_-"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

See the leg, lah!

This was not being told by Mum until she brought up the issue of 'race discrimination' while we were having dinner. T'was kind of a small-talk which (apparently) got me thinking. To begin the story, I need to provide you with some background infos. He he. My brother was offered a scholarship to pursue his studies. But first he has to complete a two year foundation. So the parents sent him to register. As usual, some documents need to be submitted during the registration process, in particular, the parents' birth certificates. What caught Mrs. Discriminator's attention was the race of the father of both my parents. What's stated there was; Bangsa/Race - Jawa/ Java.

So she started to make comments about that. i.e.- "
Eh, sepatutnya kalau keturunan Jawa ni tak boleh dapat biasiswa".
My mother was shocked with that kind of remark. I don't think that my brother will be offered with the scholarship if he is not a qualified applicant in the first place. With all due respect, I believe that he deserves to get the scholarship based on his achievements and for doing well during the interview and I don't think that the race of the father of the parents matters, here. So this was what my mother said to her.
"Oh yeke Puan, tapi Ayah dia dah pernah dapat pun biasiswa yang sama. Dah sampai pun ke US. Alhamdulillah, dah jadi Professor pun sekarang. Kakak dia pun dapat biasiswa ni juga. Nak masuk tahun akhir dah di IPTA."
And Mrs. D decided to hold her tongue. *Smug* Mama, you rock! But honestly, sometimes I just can't tolerate this kind of stupidity. Aren't we living in a multi-racial country? Being a Malay herself, I think that she's supposed to be aware of the fact that Malay people in our country have ancestors who originated from countries near Malaysia for example Java, Sumatra, Thailand or Myanmar. And I think that we are too, Malays, but usually referred as Orang Jawa because our community (in the case of our family, the third generation) still speak fluent Javanese. You can have a Malay from Kelantan who speaks Thai because her grandmother is a Siamese, and like myself, I speak moderate Javanese because it is the first language in our community!

Maybe the reason that my grandfather's race is being stated as Java/Jawa in my parents birth certs was because we call ourselves Orang Jawa. (Does this make sense? :P) Well, I am a proud Javanese, and I think that I'm proud that at least I have a third language which comes in handy when dealing with m*r*ns like Mrs. D. I said to my mum that if I were there, we should start using our mother tongue just to spite her. And my mum said thank God you weren't there. Tahu cari gaduh je. He he. To Mrs. D, you can try Google or Wiki and you'll find a list of successful Javanese Malaysian in various fields.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Of love and support

Salam, selamat ber-presenting.
Mama doakan petah mcm kat tadika dulu. Amin.

That's NOT a joke!

I've just got back from Melaka Bandar Warisan Dunia. :) Well, it felt good, revisiting Bandar Melaka after like ummm 13 years? But it wasn't really a visit. I've got a paper to present in a conference. Tight schedule. Great speakers. Inspired.

So the title of this post actually refers to an incident which happened during my stay there. The second night, our lecturer said that she wanted all of us (her students) to dine out. Her treat. So we agreed. (Who wouldn't?) Before we went out from the car park, I had to pass the parking ticket to the person in-charged. I parked at the basement, so the 'roaring' engines somehow disturbed my hearing.

#P - P*rv**t
#I - Your's truly

P : Boleh beritahu nombor......(I can't hear what he was saying)
I : Sorry, nombor kereta ke?
P : Room number. Nombor bilik.
I : Oh, xxxx. Sorry, saya tak dengar tadi.

P: (He was saying something else, but I heard this) Balik sini balik (semula) ke?
I : (So I answered,) Ha'ah.
I : (And I was like) What? Saya tak berapa dengar lah.
I : What the hell?????????? (And I quickly drove away)

Talk about verbal sexual harassment. And what kind of lady he thinks I am? My friends and I were totally freaking out. What if he actually meant what he said? For all we know he can get access to our room if he really wants to. And after dinner, we met the manager and lodged a report. The charming handsome cute Manager named Vincent called P and these were what he said -

- Did you say something to a guest? Room xxxx. (We were worried. He shouldn't mention our room number, right?)
- What do you mean by that? Gurau? (P still remembers what he said to us, obviously)
- What kind of place you think you're working at?
- I'll let the management know about this!

And V changed our room keys and thank God nothing happened that night. I don't think that it is appropriate to say something like that to a hotel guest. We asked V to erase our personal info from their record. Hopefully P learns his lesson.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So I lied.

Do you think I should retire from blogging? :P
I kept saying to myself that I'll get this blog updated. But yeah, I lied.
Kasihan para pembaca yang tertunggu-tunggu. (perasannya Ya Rabbi) HA HA HA

Life's good. Same old same old. I'm contented with the things I have now and I guess that that's the only thing that matters. And the good news is that I'm done with the finalssss! (I took only 1 subject this semester so there's nothing much to celebrate actually. Heh.) . Another year to go! Yeay to that!

Den's parents are coming this weekend. At least that's something to look forward to. But yeah, lets pray that everything will be okay. Amin. Mama, being a perfectionist - asked me to take a few days of leave from work, just because she feels like re-arranging the furniture, buy flowers and new vases etc. And (being the total opposite - because I always believe that less is more) I rasa sgt malas nak cuti okkay sebab tak ada reason yg kukuh kot. But Mama, I love you. And I was surprised , because you were THAT excited. Baru merisik je pun, Ma. -_-" Verdict: Ponteng kerja. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010


To err is human.

And I'm only human.

I feel stupid. At the same time I learned that it's okay to laugh at yourself sometimes.

I'm teaching my poetry class today. They're going to discuss Resume. And I slipped my tongue. When I was supposed to say Dorothy Parker, I said Dorothy Perkins. -_-". Sigh. The girls laughed while the boys were trying to figure out what's so funny 'bout that.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's to 23!

First and foremost,

This is an awfully belated post but yeah, better late than never right? :P. I'd say that this year feels like a great one. (Insya Allah, I'm praying for good things to happen). Last year had been a wonderful roller-coaster ride. There was a lot that I was able to achieve, from successfully completing teaching practice to graduating, to pursuing Master degree, to buying a CAR, to getting good grades in the final exams and a lot more. Well, the end of last years' chapter is indeed a beginning to a lot more, I hope!

And to mark the new year as a great beginning, 10/01/10 was my birthday. Having the chance to celebrate it with Den, everything feels right. Everything feels just right. :) We decided to keep things simple this time around. And we went to Taman Botani Putrajaya. It was a blast! And of course, we had fun!! Hehe.

Somehow I feel old. But I'm thankful for His infinite blessings. The journey has been great and I yearn for a lot more. Welcome 2010 (1431H) and please be gentle to this fragile human. :) All the best to you guys!


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr