Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Of wedding bells and DB driver(s)

Okay I have abandoned this blog for so long. Allow me to ramble like a mad cow this time around. He he.

So a lot of my friends are getting married. Or Alhamdulillah, married. Or engaged. Or being proposed to. Or involved with events which involve rings or anything similar to that. It's like a complete round of invitations since they came from friends back in primary, stf, kmns and Tesl UPM. I just love weddings! :) Congtratulations to those who are getting married, or 've recently got married. I went down south to attend Wajy's wedding last 2weeks and I tell you; she's pretty and gorgeous and charming and I think she's among the prettiest brides I've ever seen. (Well, some people might beg to differ 'cuz they'll say "all brides are pretty". But this is serious pretty y'all.) And I'd hafta admit that I fantasized (now that's not a nice word to use due to the various meanings it implies. Eheh) but yeah I did, about my own wedding. Which will not happen in the near years of course. [gila kau nk langkah bendul? Okay enough of that.] And weddings are fun because I get to see friends I haven't meet for so long. So it was sort of a reunion or rather gathering that day. To those who were there, thank you for the wonderful time! I heart all of yous.

The second topic of the day would be DoucheBag drivers. I HATE wreckless drivers because I'm not one. Okay you think I'm a 'driving miss daisy'? Fine, fine. But at least I was never at the attempt of hurting others. Oh sooooo I was involved in a mini accident yesterday. A car hit me from the back. The driver was trying hard to win whatever race he was involved in and he believes that 'yellow' is to ACCELERATE, (d**n you, Bummer!!), hence he hit my car. THE car. . Yes, THE car. Tsk tsk. But luckily nothing bad happened to me but poor Bekamon, he had a dent in the bumper. I hate you I hate you I hate you! And the sensor went cuckoooooooooo!!!! I hate you square (kuasa dua)! Rage rage. But anyway, s**t happens, and I thank Allah, for nothing bad happend to me. Alhamdulillah. See, even if you are careful enough, accidents do occur. And especially, especially in Meru, sometimes you are forced to be rude on the road, due to plain stupidity, or the intolerable acts other people do. If you think you are careful enough, you need to be twice careful if you are driving there. The moral of the story is, patience is virtue.

P.S: I have a paper tomorrow. My 1st final exam for the Ms degree. Teruja! ( Ya, right) :P

Friday, October 2, 2009

Soo sorry

Dear all,
I decided to change my blog layout today. So happens that this PC refused to behave and I failed to link your blogs to mine. But don't worry I'll do so when I get back to spending time in front of my lappy again.


PS: I chose this layout because
  1. Its pink. Hehe
  2. There's a cat sleeping on the sofa. I always love LOVE cats but my mom never allow us to have one as a pet. :( So maybe that explains the girls facial expression whilst looking at the cat. Its like 'so close and still so far'. :( :( Wait until I have my own house, I'll definitely have one!!! (If this doesn't make any sense just ignore my ramblings)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sh*t happens for a reason. Kan?

Today, I have learned that it is not okay to just nod and agree with others.
I learned that everything is going the other way around, and the saying 'buat baik dibalas baik' no longer exists. (Well, there's an exception if the balasan baik is from Allah).
I also learned that there's a kind of virus, a very dangerous one, which has polluted people's way of treating another human for the sake of their personal benefit. And I wonder what kind of people will we have in the society in the years to come.
Nowadays, if a person is being too nice to others, she'll be called stupid, rather than being acknowledged for whatever good things she's done for others. Orang ambil kesempatan lagi ada lah! Grrr

The moral of the story is: Stop being too good to others. Being good is enough. Too good is too much! Hehe. The nicer way to say it is - Be moderate in whatever you do.
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr