Friday, March 27, 2009

Part 1

I'd say the first week in school was OK. Teaching itself is not that tiring. I have no class to teach on Thursday but that officially means that I'll have to relief classes AND we had to stay back after the school session ends to attend activities from meetings, to briefings, to co-curricular activities, to Usrahs on Fridays (:P). Well I hope we'll survive the other 11 weeks. And oh, I'm teaching From 4. Just to share bits of what happened this week.
  1. A class monitor decided to greet me "Assalamualaikum Sayang" when it was supposed to be CIKGU or TEACHER. But no worries his classmates didn't follow the lead.
  2. A student proposed me in class. He asked me to give back his ring another 5 years. (Oh! I politely rejected his proposal).
  3. My students have long names so I asked them to introduce themselves along with their nicknames. One boy said, "Nak panggil saya abang pn blh". (Eyewwww).
  4. My guru pembimbing is a preggy mommy. And she's a very COLD person. :(
  5. It's great that Ira and I are teaching only Form 4 and we get to do our lesson plans together. YAY! :)
  6. A teacher asked us to help her out for her daughter's assignment. We gotta do her public speaking speech. (Part time job)
  7. We're assigned to do the backdrop for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang.
Thats all for now. Will get back to all of yous next week.
Have fun people!

P/s: Sabtu pn kena pegi sekolah okkkay? :((
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr