Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't judge a book by its cover.2

This is a true story, which happened to a deeply sadden bride to be.

(Retold with 'extra spices' to create the dramatic effect. :P)

It seems like it's going to rain, but I insisted that I need to get my wedding cake booked today. I had a lot in mind but I didn't want to burden any one at this point of time. And considering that I realize that it is my fault.. and it's kind of last minute. So I want to get this done myself.

I couldn't borrow anyone's car since all of them are in use. So I decided to ride my bike. A few minutes later I started to feel raindrops. Next thing I know it's already raining cats and dogs! Already halfway to my destination, I decided to carry on. So there I was, riding my bike in the heavy downpour just to get myself a wedding cake.

I finally reached my destination. I took off my helmet, and entered the 'bakery'. My clothes are wet of course I was drenched in the rain. I noticed that there are eyes looking as I entered, but who cares. I was waiting for my turn to be entertained because there was a lady paying her bill at the counter. As soon as she left, I come a bit closer to the counter. But I was ignored! A few girls who came later than me were given the attention.

I waited patiently. Until they left. I asked straight away if I can order my cake. The girl at the counter looked at me in 'such a way'. And she tells me that there is no way that they can provide me with a 2kg cake if the function is tomorrow. That was actually my first time to order cakes from that 'bakery'. So I don't really know the names of the cake. So I asked for the catalogue and she pulled a face. I was so angry but I realize that I look like someone who cannot afford to buy ANYTHING from them, so I kept quiet. I am a degree holder but it is just not my nature to speak my thought especially in a situation like this.

I ended up being ignored once again because new customers are coming. So I left, broken hearted. And I did not place the order. I went back. Luckily, the rain has stopped. I reached home, told the story to my sisters and cried my heart out. I was being judged for the way I appear to look that day.

Can we stop people from looking down on us? I'd say the answer is No. But for a start, maybe we can stop ourselves from looking down on someone else. That way we may create a better environment for everyone. Peace, no war!


Arifah said...

Mimi, when is the big day? Praying it goes well for you insyaAllah! =)

Sedihnye dengar citer ni. Sob2. Hope u're ok now. =)

mimie_t said...

Afie: The bride to be is now a happy wife Alhamdulillah. :)

BUT I'm not the bride. This happened to someone I know.

Will let you when THE DAY comes InsyaAllah! :D

ctfadzlin said...

along ke?jahatnye org kat situ...but betul kate you mi,org ske pandang org lain based on their apprearance..remember ms abg ijad pki saga die tu?one of family member,tak percaye kot,his a pilot..sad...but true..

mimie_t said...

Bukan Along. My siblings mana tahu naik motor. HAHA.

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