Friday, January 30, 2009

Kinohimitsu Oh Yeaah!

Tired of Pajama Parties (okay setiap malam pn pakai PJs kot? tp xde aktiviti pn. heh) and wearing mud-like-green masks (efforts to immitate Jim Carrey in The Mask), we decided to do something else yesterday. Thanks to my little sister Syira, who sponsored the pads this time around. Just before we were off to sleep, first we prepared the pads. These were what they look like.

*so clean*

My cute little feet.
*2 minutes after applying the patches, they started to produce heat (notice the two circles, they are called the warming micro-capsules)*

Okay I know this may look a bit menggelikan but those were the toxin captured by the health pads*

I woke up feeling much better today. There's a lot of ways to detox our body. Gee, I actually have a few kilometers to run in a jiffy. Takasima, here I come!!

Have a good day people. :)


blodyn said...

You know, i've always been skeptical about the whole toxic patch thing. If heat can get the toxic out, then why doesn't the toxic come out when we're taking a hot bath or something? Anyway, it's weird. Coz even the healthiest person, after using that patch, will still have dirty patches in the end.

mimie_t said...

Toxins can stay in our body from several hours to a lifetime. Even when u breathe you're exposed to variety of pollutants. So those patches reduces the amount of toxin in your body, but not completely. Even if the color of the detox patches have lighten, it doesn't mean that there will be no new toxin in your body. So basically the function of the patches are to lessen the amount of the toxin. Well, maybe hot showers can reduce some amount of the toxin, but not that much. The patches 'work' within 6-8 hours. People won't take a shower that long, no? So patches do work a little better than hot showers I guess? Heh. I can go and write an essay already.

Anonymous said...

korang kene tipu ni...hahaahaha

Anonymous said...

Euww gross!

mimie_t said...

cepatlah muntah yu. ada plastic bag kt cni. :P

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr